Beanie Ribbed pom pom Cable Knit Red Green Stripe Cuff Ski Snow Warm Winter-Unis

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These stylish and comfortable skully beanies are a perfect way to keep your head warm Because its material is wool! The adjustable beanies can stretch to fit all head sizes from teen to adults and still maintain a fashionable look. The high quality acrylic material is soft to the touch. These skully beanies are great for all winter activities as well as any occasion especially when it is chilly outside. With many colors to choose from, you can wear a different colored ski mask beanie everyday of the week. Wool Warm is ladies beanie. Heat is a compact range of garments developed to work in conjunction with your body, engineered to give you the ultimate in heat insulation. The high-density fabric trap a layer of warm air close to your skin, reducing heat loss and keeping you warmer for longer – essential on chilly days and particularly when working outside. The hat uses Thermal insulate material to line a thick fleece outer layer to keep warm air around your head.