C14 to 2x C13 IEC 10AMP Mains Power Y Splitter 30cm Cable Kettle Lead PC Monitor

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C14 to C13 Splitter Cable
The IEC (C14) to two IEC (C13) extension splitter cable commonly known as a kettle lead extension cable.
Used for powering many electrical appliances including PC base units, Monitors, Printers, Photocopiers, Kettles, Musical Equipment and the list of other equipment just goes on. The PVC connectors are sonically welded to provide a high quality cable which is perfect for home or office use.
This is perfect if you want to power up 2 equipment with 1 power cable , maybe 2 PCS together you have or may be the PC and the monitor both together , you don’t need separate cables to power them up and this splitter can be used to power both of them with one Mains cable.
• IEC M (C14) – 2 x IEC F (C13)
• 10A 250V
• 30cm  from C14 to split
• 30cm from split to C13
• Colour: Black
• Length: 30CM
• End 1: C14 Plug
• End 2: C13 Plug x 2