new Heat Guard Opaque/Thermal Tights Soft, Warm & Cosy Fleece for Ladies

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• With soft brushing inside for extra warmth
• With Elastane for improved fit
• Brushed Inner layer traps warm air close to your skin
• Side seam free
• Fits like a second skin
• 140 denier/ average TOG rating 0.5
• Provide added durability, comfort, styles and proper fit, comfortable waistband
• Washable and ultra-soft, silky smooth and remarkably comfortable

The HeatGuard thermal Tights are your essential winter Tights providing more heat insulation than your average cotton Tights. With their unique construction and specially developed fibers, the warm air is kept close to your skin. TOG rating of 0.5. With the excellent thermal qualities of HeatGuard, you can stay warm with the temperature outside falls.