6 Gang 2M Individual switched Black Rectangle

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2m Lead Extension Lead Individually switched sockets so you can control the power to each socket independently Protect valuable equipment and data from being damaged by electrical surges and spikes Ideal for use with laptops, TVs, hi-fis, satellite receivers, and multimedia equipment Led Indicators on Individual Sockets So you can see which socket is in use Dimensions: 3 way L 21.5cm Thickness: 2.4cm (approx) 4 way 3 way L 27cm Thickness: 2.4cm (approx) 5 way 3 way L 32.5cm Thickness: 2.4cm (approx) 6 way 3 way L 38cm Thickness: 2.4cm (approx) What is a surge protector? Surge protectors help shield your devices and appliances from electrical spikes by attempting to limit the voltage passing through them. This is great for anything from lamps and TVs to computers and music equipment.