6 pin to 6 pin connector

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66 pin to 6 pin connector

-pin to 6-pin FirewireIEEE 1394a connectors provide High-speed data transmission of 400 Mbps. Molded ends for durability and long life. Superior shielding reduces error rates and maximizes data transfer.
This cable is most commonly used for connecting to devices such as FireWire Hard Drives, FireWire CD-RWs and other 1394 computer peripherals.

It is a widely used standard on all Digital Video Camcorders, and offers a standardized, easy to use, plug and play method of connecting peripherals to your PC/Mac.


  • Data transfer rates of up to 400Mbps
  • FireWire 6-pin male to 6-pin male
  • Hot pluggable, plug & play compatible cable
  • Molded Ends for durability and long life
  • Connect an external hard drive to a PC. DV, FireWire,
  • Used for connecting Digital Video cameras etc to a Macintosh Firewire port
  • Superior Shielding reduce error rates and maximizes data transfer
  • Transfer images and files between two FireWire compatible devices
  • Common uses are to connect a DV camcorder to a PC or DVR for downloading movies


  • Ports: 1394a Firewire 6 to 6 Mini pin
  • Data Transfer Speed: Up to 400Mbps
  • Color: Black