Adjustable Hand Power Grip Exerciser Strengthener Wrist Forearm Strength Trainer

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1. Lightweight and ergonomic design, easy to use anywhere & anytime
2. Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.3″ x 4.52″ x 0.79″
3. Eco-friendly material: Stainless steel spring + reinforced ABS body + TPR soft handle
4. Resistance adjustable(10-40kg): Turn the knob clockwise to increase resistance, and anticlockwise to decrease resistance; Suitable for both teens and adults
5. Bi-directional handles fit all hand sizes, a perfect strengthener for your fingers, wrists, and forearms
Benefits of hand gripper exercising:
1. Perfect for hand rehabilitation therapy
Exercising with a hand gripper regularly could help rebuild muscle strength, good for curing muscular flaccidity caused by disease or accidents. Please seek for doctor’s advice for this instance.
2. Increase hand flexibility
By using the hand gripper, your hand muscles get exercised and blood circulation gets accelerated. It helps to increase finger/palm/wrist flexibility and prevent arthritis.
3 For stress relief.
By exercising with the hand gripper, your hand muscles alternate tension with relaxation which contributes to fatigue and anxiety relief. A good choice for office staff!
4. The basic function of this tool without doubt, is to build up your hand grip strength, especially for sports enthusiasts like basketball players, single & parallel bar amateurs, and rock climbers, and also for artists like guitarists and pianists.
Train your fingers, hand grip, and forearm with our Adjustable Hand Gripper. Ergonomically designed to fit small to large hand sizes, choose from various resistance levels to suit your workout. By tightening or loosening the screw cap, resistance can be adjustable between 10kg to 40kg.
Ideal for injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, improving sports performance, improving the ability to perform everyday tasks, and even for, stress relief. Perfect for athletes, sports people, bodybuilders, climbers, musicians, and for those looking to increase strength in their hands, wrists, and arms. Also, the hand gripper is beneficial for people who have arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
The portable, lightweight, and compact design is great to store and train anywhere. Made from reinforced, non-slip grip, plastic handles, and a stainless-steel adjustable spring to endure frequent use.
Workout suggestions: 
For best results, keep them squeezed for 5 seconds every time you do a squeeze,20 reps for a group. Please refer to the front page for more methods of exercising. Increase resistance as your strength develops. The hand gripper is a perfect exerciser for fingers, palms, wrists, and forearms.
Type: Hand Grip Strength Equipment
Resistance: 5-60Kg (11-132lbs)
Material: PP + TPR + Stainless steel
Color: Black
Size: 6.3″ x 4.52″ inch
Activity: Fitness, Gym & Training, Weight Lifting