AR Racing Game Miniature Real Toy Car Racer Speed iPhone Android iOS

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Features: less blood, faster.
Skill: Invincible sprint, in a short period of time, a significant increase in speed, and get invincible effect.
2. Jungle warrior:
Features: high blood volume, speed.
Skills: spare oil tank, immediately restore a lot of life.
3. Blue illusion
Features: quick and efficient scoring skills.
Skills: the hand of Midas, a short time to let the surrounding obstacles to gold.
4. Balancing car:
Features: various road conditions, capacity balance.
Skills: Invincible sprint, in a very short period of time, a significant increase in speed, achieve invincible effect. High fault tolerance.

  1. Real flashes, leaps, vibrations, The Physical car and game combination, give you immersive feeling.

–Racing On Your Phone or Tablet:
The Racing car is a real toy car and a mobile virtual game 3D smart game products.
It is small size, but offer you amazing racing/drifting experience. It can shine, vibrate and jump when playing games which have a sense of AR product experience without a helmet.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

The racing car is the world’s first real toy car + mobile AR games products that running on your mobile. Powerful vibration effects deliver a highly realistic 3D gaming experience on the mobile or iPad. Available iOS and Android.

  • Multiple game scenarios: you can select the racing mode, endless mode and the level mode in the game. And there are 4 different kinds of cars now, the ability of each cars is different. Even you can modify your car in the game to improve the ability.
  • Puzzle, parent-child and interactivity: the intelligent toy car is beneficial to children’s intelligence development and suitable for boys and girls, younger and older people.
  • Portable: small and easy to carry (you can play games anytime, anywhere), Support iPhone, Android, iPad and other portable terminals.
  • Augmented reality: real flashes, leaps, vibrations, the physical car and game combination, give you immersive feeling.