Bicycle holder4.7inch 1box

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Bicycle Motorcycle Bicycle Universal Mobile Phone Waterproof Bicycle Holder

Item Description:

  • Inside two mounting arms, there are soft foam to hold the product anti-slide, shock-proof, anti-scratch and for the tight fitting
  • Rotatable at 360 degrees.Holder can be rotated 360 degrees as per the requirement
  • The case is Waterproof to protect your case from rain or any water drops.
  • You Can Touch the screen of the mobile through transparent front cover (But it may not function like a phone without cover).
  • Foam insets keep device in contact with cover and screen.
  • Mount it on your bicycle or motorcycle’s handlebar,
  • For 25mm Handle Bar Diameter
  • Heavy duty suction cup and lock clip to make sure your device stays in place.
  • Good quality product, easy to carry while travelling
  • Instructions:
    • This bike holder comes in Two parts, one attaches to the handle bar and the  other part holds the phone.
    • You have to attach both parts before putting the phone inside. It will make a click sound and you’ll know it’s clipped together. If it doesn’t make that sound Please apply some more force until it makes that sound. Otherwise the phone will fall off. you can click on below link to watch the you tube video.

    Pack Holds:

    • 1x Bike Holder