Bluetooth Led Quran Speakers

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Bluetooth Led Quran Bulb Speaker 8GB for Islamic Muslims Ramadan/Haj Gift


  • Memory:8GB,High quality sound
  • HD Quality Quran Audio (35 Voices)
  • Quran Translation Audio (30 Languages)
  • Quran Ayah by Ayah Translation
  • Complete Tafseer Audio
  • FM Radio

LED speaker Quran lamp/bulb is the latest product for Muslims, having it in the house or Mosque you can listen to the full Quran at any time. SpeakerQuran lamp isfor lighting and enjoy the best grace of the Quran. The Quran touch Lamp is a special product for Muslims using, Which is with double function(lighting, learning).It is a lamp with full recitation of The holly  Quran, using remote control to select Quran audio andlisten to the Quran with high-quality voice. With Touch lamp Speaker in the room is a best way to learn Quran with your family.The mosque is a nice way to learn the Qur’an with Muslim people together.


  1. Playing any Quran surah by pressing a button on the remote

2.Quran word by word to understand Quran by easily.

  1. Playing Quran translation. Choose your language for the Quran to understand the meaning.
  2. MP3 audio playback. Support any audio MP3 files.
  3. Combine and single mode available. To listen to Quran audio and any translation together, press the MODE button for single mode, press again.
  4. FM radio function

7.User-friendly designed


Main FunctionLighting , Learning , Quran reciter , Translations , MP3 ,Recording , FM
MaterialSteel body with ABS