Iphone7 batteries

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 IPhone 7  Built-in High Quality Li-ion Battery

  •  iPhone 7 battery replacement is brand new and original.
  • If your battery is broken, this replacement part should be ideal for your iPhone 7.
  • This battery replacement is compatible with Apple iPhone 7 only.
  • Lithium-Ion Technology for Enhanced Battery Life

This iPhone 7 Replacement Battery is what you need to bring that dead iPhone back to life.This standard battery extends talk time and is essential for users with heavy mobile data usage or heavy talk time. It is important to ensure that your cell battery is matched with the correctly sized standard battery.

Have an extra battery ready for your iphone7 if your charger isn’t handy or if your battery is drained.Latest lithium ion battery technology giving you thebest performance possible. This Batterydeliver the most reliable and long lasting power.

It is always a good idea to keep one charged battery in spare for very active & heavy users who always find mobile battery power less at the end of the day. It is also a very convenient option for Girls / ladies to keep one spare battery in case of emergency.

if your battery is not working or low down or has fault this will replace and fix the issues. For optimal performance, calibrate your newly installed battery by draining the battery below 10%, then giving it a full charge to 100%