Islamic Apple learning Holy Quran Machine

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 Islamic Apple Learning Holy Quran Machine for kids.


  •     26 Every day Duas
  •     16 Sarah from the Holy Quran
  •     How to make Morning Prayer
  •     4 Kind of Projections

Daily MasnoonDua’s (Prayers/Invocations):

Some examples:

  • Morning Du’a after getting up from sleep
  • Du’a while leaving home
  • Du’a while entering home
  • Du’a to recite at the time of making wudu
  • Du’a before going to the toilet
  • Du’a after coming out of the toilet
  • Du’a before entering/ after leaving Mosque
  • Dua for eating
  • Dua When riding a transport
  • The greetings when muslim meet
  • Dua when visiting the sick
  • Dua when visiting graves
  • Dua for salat al janazah
  • Dua when wearning clothes
  • Dua when sneezing
  • Dua when raining
  • Dua For thanking people
  • Dua for Fasting
  • Dua when breaking fast
  • Dua at evening
  • Dua when sleeping
  1. Qur’aan:

Some examples:

  • Surah Al Faatihah
  • Surah Al-adiyat
  • Surah Al ‘Asr
  • Surah Al Kaafiroon
  • Surah Al Ikhlaas
  • Surah Al Falaq
  • Surah Al Naas
  • Surah Kauthar
  • Surah Al-qari’ah
  • Surah At-Takathur
  • Surah Al- Humazah