Large Drain Power Suction Plunger Ideal For Unblocking Toilets – Heavy Duty

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Features:1. Extra Large Plunger Ideal For Unblocking Kitchen/Bathroom Sinks, Waste Disposal Units Etc.2. Easy To Use3. Approx Size:160Mm Diameter And 470Mm Height4. Made From Polypropylene5. Large detachable head6. Contoured handle for extra grip :Size Large (160 mm) The Large Drain Plunger This Powerful bellows plunger has a much greater capacity than traditional plungers and will provide a highly powered strong push directly to where it is needed. Through back and forth motion, the bellow will also use water to aid in the breakup of the blockage, unclogging even the most stubborn of clogs. It’s designed for drains of all sizes, but please do check the dimensions in the image before purchase to be sure that you’re covered! Easy to Clean It’s all PVC plastic, it’s long lasting and it’s sturdy. It’s also easy to clean and there aren’t any nooks and crannies that you have to scrub to keep it clean. When you’re finished with your dirty job just fill your sink with bl and pump the water in and out a few times. It’ll shine like new! Can be dismantled and stored easily The Large Plunger comes in two sections, the head and the bellow separate. So when you’re done, just unscrew the two parts and it makes it much easier to store in your bathroom cupboard!

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