Mini Folding Portable Pocket Card LED Night Light Torch Flashlight Lamp Tool

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:Sure you could carry around a little flash light on your key chain, or keep one in your car, but how about just sliding a perfectly good light source right into your wallet? The Pocket Card LED Light is the same size as credit card and requires no batteries or wires. The interior piece has an LED light bulb, when you need to illuminate, you just flip it up and the light turns on.Usually when you need a quick (flash) light and you?re not near a toolbox you?re stuck with your trusty smartphone. Wouldn?t it be great to have an independent light source that could fit in your wallet? The Credit Card Light bulb is the perfect size to fill this need.All you need to do is flip up the bulb and it turns on. The LED light is bright with the appearance of a real bulb, only travel size and super cute!This little credit card is perfect for sneaking around in file rooms, adding some momentary illumination to romantic lighting, or unexpected power outages. After all, you probably remember where you put your wallet down over the last place you had a flashlight. Although this probably wouldn?t be nearly as good for breaking and entering like they do in the movies as it?s just a touch thicker than an actual credit card.Specification:Material: ABSLight Colour (Optional): White Light, Yellow LightPower Source:1 x CR1220 Battery (Included)Features: Ultra-thin, Portable, Mini, GiftDimension: 8.6cm x 5.3cm/3.39″ x 2.09″ (Approx.)

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