Original Samsung White USB 2AMP Power Adaptor (ETA-U90EWE) with USB Data Cable

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Original Samsung USB Charger(ETA-U90EWE) 2AMP White With Original Samsung USB cable

Quickly charge your Samsung Smartphone with this 2Amp Travel Adapter with 1 Meter Detachable micro SAMSUNG USB Cable. This charger is compact and durable, which makes it perfect when you travel. The 1 Meter detachable USB can be used for charging or data sync when plugged into a computer. This 2 AMP travel adapter delivers fast charging for your Samsung device and All High end devices of brands like LG, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, Nokia, Google Nexus Devices ETC. The matching white colors of the adapter and cable is perfect if you have a white phone or just want to change it up. Its Universal to all most all the devices as it has a detachable USB port supporting any device using that device USB cable.This charger can even be used to charge all types of power banks due to its high voltage and ampere it can charge power bank fast. Don’t risk running out of power at the moment when you need your cell phone the most. By keeping the Samsung 2 Amp Wall Charger handy while at home or at the office, you can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy or other micro USB compatible smartphone will always be fully charged and ready to go. The Samsung 2 Amp charger recharges your phone’s battery at a much faster rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh charger.