Samsung ETA-U90UWE 5.1 V 2.1 A – UK – Travel Charger

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Samsung UK Charger ETA-U90UWE Plug Only New  – White

Samsung UK charger ETA-U90UWE  Mains Charger  is made for the Galaxy range. It’s feature is 2 amp output and allow fast charging, up to double the speed of standard mains adapter.The compact design lends itself to being as a travel charger.The Samsung ETA-U90UWE EU mains travel adapter. Samsung item produced made from the higher quality materials and to the strictest standard.

Genuine Samsung Euro charger High 2 A output.Compact design allows you to take it on your travels.Genuine Samsung product for the Galaxy smartphone range.Samsung ETA-U90UWE 5 V 2 A Travel Adapter Charger.This charger has a high 2 amp output so it will charge your galaxy phone as quickly as possible.