Tempered Glass full cover S8

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Tempered Glass full cover S8+ black edge and clear edge:

Tempered glass is made with advanced technology processing unit, to make the surface hardness upto 9H.

Preserves touchscreen sensitivity without compromising on the viewing experience and allows maximum light pass through.

Sensitive comfortable touch Oleophobic Coating layer for resistance against smudges and fingerprints.

Breaks under extreme pressure but it does not break into sharp pieces, keeps your devices and yourself out of risk.

Tempered Glass – with Oleophobic coating and 9H hardness makes it three times stronger than regular PET film.


Premium Quality material maintains your screen’s original sensitivity and even improves the slide along experience, Custom made for your device, so no need to further adjustments and effortlessly removable. A basic accessory for those who want to keep their device’s screen in ideal condition, protect your mobile device’s exclusive and insubstantial screen from damage and scratches, super thin material used to cover and preserve your touchscreen sensitivity without compromising on the viewing experience.