TV Coax to 2x F-Connector Splitter

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  • HEAVY DUTY 2-WAY SPLITTER – Split a single cable or satellite signal to view and display on two separate TVs. This Coax Splitter is designed for use with amplifiers, amplified Antennas, HDTV and more.
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 5-2050Mhz (2GHZ) – also referred to as coaxial splitter, coax splitter, coax cable splitter, RG6 splitter, RG6 cable splitter, F type splitter, cable TV splitter, TV signal splitter, RF splitter, F pin splitter, coaxial video splitter, and coaxial digital splitter
  • COMPATIBILITY with all digital ready RF signals – Allows 2 units to be operated from one source. With grounding block and screw mount. High return loss and isolation for better performance on TV and satellite signal
  • NICKEL PLATED DESIGN: Ensures a corrosion free connection and increases durability for optimal connectivity. Lower digital noise and higher signal quality
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x Nickel Plated 2-Way Coaxial Splitter for TV and Satellite.