Wet Head Shower Roulette Game

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Wet Head Shower Water Roulette Game for Kids Indoor & Outdoor Toy Play Set Fast:


  • Perfect game for any season
  • Water Roulette Game
  • Simply fill the tank with water, strap the hat on securely to your head, spin the top and pull one of the pins
  • Each player has a turn at wearing the hat until the ‘trigger’ pin is pulled which causes the tank to release the water onto the head of its anxious player
  • Contents: helmet, 8 rods, Spinner and water reservoir


Wet Head is a water roulette game. Fill the top with water, strap on the helmet, and spin the pegs! One of them will cause the water to fall, just hope it’s not you! Pass the Wet Head around the circle and watch the anticipation grow. This game is full of excitement and suspense because someone is bound to get wet. Make Wet Head the perfect game for any season by adjusting the amount of water you use to play. Fill Wet Head to brim when outside in the summer heat. Bring the fun indoors for winter by using a minimal amount of water. Summer or winter, the question remains the same, “Will you be the next Wet Head'”.